Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blackbeard Movie likely to be rated for Mature Audiences

This week Variety reported that a movie of Blackbeard's life is in production:

DreamWorks is bringing a project on the life of legendary pirate Blackbeard to the bigscreen.

David Franzoni, who wrote "Amistad" and "Gladiator" for the studio, will pen "Blackbeard," which delves into the life of British buccaneer Edward Teach.

Barry Josephson ("Enchanted") is producing alongside motivational speaker and former Philadelphia 76ers prexy/co-owner Pat Croce, who wrote "Pirate Soul," a book that chronicled the golden era of piracy, which spanned 1690-1730.

Idea for the project was hatched when Josephson enlisted Croce to make a cameo in his 2002 basketball pic "Like Mike." Croce, who also penned the upcoming kids book "My Pop-Pop Is a Pirate," waited until December 2006 to send Josephson a treatment for the film. The pair brought aboard Franzoni, who began working on the pitch after the writers strike ended.

Croce, who owns a pirate museum in Key West, Fla., is collaborating closely with Franzoni on the screenplay.

Oh yes, how long can I tiptoe around the obvious joke in my titles reporting this? Only time will tell, me hearties.

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