Monday, August 4, 2008

Pirates In the News, July

All right, I know, a month? yes, a month, my bad.

Here's a healthy helping of pirate news, me hearties.

Firstly, this made me very sad because I am a big fan of DIY awesome.

Courts in Vancouver made a man take down his pirate ship treehouse.
Come On!

"The tree house built by Dewberry, an architect, sits two metres up a large, leafy tree in front of the family's home in the tony Kerrisdale neighbourhood of Vancouver. It comes complete with plastic cannons sticking out the ship's side.

But Judge Conni Bagnall said in her ruling Friday that the merits of the tree fort were irrelevant to the charge that it was in violation of city bylaws."

This was apparently part of a feud with a neighbor, which seems to be the leading cause of the murder of awesome treehouses.

In substantive political news, The US Navy has stepped up its patrols of Somali waters.

Along with the international presence has been increased across the board and it is estimated that armed attacks on cruise ships and oil tankers in the area cost $1 Billion a year.

Meanwhile in Puntland, a semi-autonomous part of Somalia, elders have stood up and demanded that local pirates release a ship of Philippine sailors captured.

Lastly for this edition, Ye Olde Velocity Circus Pirate Academy, which teaches children about pirates and how they lived during the Golden Age of Piracy is up and running for this year, making me consider moving to San Fransisco and posing as a schoolchild.

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