Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wife Swap, Professional Organizer vs. Pirate Family

The Baur Pirate Clan takes on the Fine family in last September's season premiere of Wife Swap.
I know, I SHOULD have known this, but life is not always perfect, and I'm making up for it now.

I'm amazed the full episode is on google video, but there it is, linked for your enjoyment.

I'm glad that this show was on, because it truly faces the stereotype that pirates can't be organized, successful pirates are totally organized.

While pirate mom Tori is surprisingly judgemental and Organizer Lisa is flipped out about the fleas that everyone at the pirate house has caught from the dog (yeah, I'm with her, that's where commitment to a period and just plain no starts for me), lives are changed, lessons are learned and we're all a little better for having forced these two groups to intermingle.

The best comments came from the kids (don't they always?):
"Not many of my friends dads get to buy swords and write it off on their taxes... not many of my friends' dads buy swords"

"I'm only sassing you 'cause I hate you"

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