Monday, January 14, 2008

Book Review: A General History of The Pyrates

A General History of the Pyrates by Captain Charles Johnson (Daniel Defoe)

The first edition of this tome was published in 1724 and is considered one of the most valuable accounts of buccaneering available because it is thought to be written by famed author Daniel Defoe. Defoe was not only the author of literary classics like Robinson Crusoe but an expert on all things maritime.

This two volume opus contains fantastic biographies of early 18th century pirates including, Kidd, Teach, Rackham, Bellamy and many, many others. It also contains many instances of policies and governments aboard ship.

Of course, its historical relevance is only part of its appeal, Daniel Defoe tells a great story with extremely colorful setting and description. If you enjoy literature you will enjoy A General History of Pirates.

Five out of Five Hooks

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