Monday, February 18, 2008

Book Review: Pirate Freedom by Gene Wolfe

Finally, the final review of a Christmas present,

Pirate Freedom by Gene Wolfe.

For those of you who have read Gene Wolfe, you won't be surprised that there is a bit of time-bending by the main character of this book, for those of you who haven't don't be surprised that there's time-bending in this book. That said, Gene Wolfe has created a very entertaining adventure story chopped full of historical facts artfully intermingled with high-seas adventure.

The main character, Christopher, whose name changes based on which language is being spoken at the time is swept away by the currents of romance, the promise of riches and the deep and visceral pull of the sea.

Wolfe's portrayal of bucaneering on Hispanola and his artful portrayal of the many layers of Spanish colonialism. The interplay between factions in the Caribbean is intriguing and often humorous.

The most telling thing about Wolfe's settings for me was the inclusion of little details, like anyone who has spent time in the Caribbean, he's aware of the omnipresence of mosquitoes. They're so annoying and they don't go away, and they don't go away in the book. I hate mosquitoes, they're at best disease carrying parasites that cause me nothing but pain and horrid, horrid itching; but that only made the book more charming for me.

Four out of Five Hooks!

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