Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Frederic!

It's Leap Day! A day when I assume all pirates at sea would quake in fear at the prospect of being somehow swept off into some crazy alternate dimension based on the weirdness of the 4-year jump.

Happy Birthday to Frederic, The Pirate Apprentice, Juvenile Lead of The Pirates of Penzance( or the Slave of Duty) by Gilbert and Sullivan, who would be 33 today; comfortably aged out of his apprenticeship to a pirate, and also, long dead. It is indeed convenient for all that it was all sorted out around his 4th birthday because of his nursemaid's switching him at birth. If you'd like to relive the charming and oft performed operetta, check out the 1983 Kevin Kline and Angela Lansbury version. [Recommended drinking game: drink if anyone swoons, says Arrr! or does something unbelievably British]

Enjoy these Modern Major Generals to celebrate


For Showings of the Pirates of Penzance in your area:

Washington D.C.

Orlando, Florida

London, England

I'm sure there are more, go out and find them!

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