Friday, April 11, 2008

Pirates in the News! Special Edition, La Ponant, Part 3

Congratulations to French Government for securing the safe release of all the hostages aboard the yacht, La Ponant.

French Gen. Jean-Louis Georgelin said no public money was used to pay a ransom. But he hinted heavily that the boat's owners did hand over money, and that some was recovered when the pirates were caught. French troops had recovered "interesting bags," he said.

French shipping company CMA-CGM, which owns the operator of the 288-foot Le Ponant, hailed the end of the standoff but released no details about the operation.

The six captured pirates were being held on a French Navy vessel, the president's office said. They "gave themselves up without too much difficulty" and will be handed over to French judicial authorities, Georgelin said.

While we're all glad that the standoff ended expeidiantly and without violence, I think that many of you may be a little dissapointed that there was no action-movie-like showdown. So readers, I give you Action-Star and Frenchman: Jean Claude Van Damme to slake your bloodlust.

The yacht itself is expected to arrive in Djibouti no later than Tuesday of next week.

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