Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Horrible Things That Could Happen to you at Sea: Barrel of Roaches

Today's installment of "Horrible Things that Could Happen to you at Sea," delves into things that pirates would do to people on ships they boarded.

In order to learn the location of valuables, or just for the pure enjoyment of torturing someone (it gets really boring at sea), pirates came up with some awful and awfully creative methods of torture.Barrel of Roaches:

While not the most lethal of torture choices, a Barrel of roaches is still pretty icky. One, you're sealed in the barrel, two, dozens and dozens of squirming, roaches all over your whole body. Getting squished as you move around, squeaking and crunching. They would probably eat little things off your body, drink your sweat which i suspect would be pouring off you in the hot, sealed barrel you're sharing with a bunch of roaches.

When their non-fatal tortures are rather unpleasant, stay tuned as I cover progressively more and more disquieting methods of pirate information extrication in the coming weeks.

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