Monday, December 3, 2007

Pirates in the News! December 3, 2007

This last week saw several important, weighty news items about Pirates and Piracy, not the least of it is this important economic trend.

Rum is becoming more popular in the wake of the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies
"Demand for golden rum has surged by 31 per cent across all retailers in the past year to make it the UK's fastest growing spirit, according to analysts AC Nielsen. "

My personal favorite, Ron de Barrilito from Puerto Rico, but it does pain me to treat any form of booze with preference.

Next up, Actual News!

Search for the Somali Pirate "Mothership"

"The small boats which are used for piracy could not travel" from shore as far into the ocean as ships have been attacked, said Commodore Khan Hasham of Pakistan, one of the U.S. allies in the anti-piracy operation. "So they needed a mother ship from which the pirates could launch skiffs.

A U.S. led coalition is in the Arabian Sea making efforts to protect commerce from pirates, who have been harrying ships for... as long as trade has existed in the Arabian Sea.

Piracy in the area hit the American news networks in 2005 when pirates attacked a cruise ship and were repelled by a sound weapon.

And to close, Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Pirate, who were married this last weekend in Weymouth.

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