Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pirates in the News: March 2010- Part 2: Zaniness

In Zany Pirate News:

from The Village Voice-

America's most notorious Ponzi family are now calling themselves "the Morgans." At least some of the Madoff clan have adopted that name: Stephanie Madoff, second wife of Bernie Madoff's son Mark Madoff, has gone to court for the name change for her and her kids Audrey and Nicholas.

The Post calls the new name "far less controversial," but it's a rum choice and not really a change but more of a synonym. The most famous "Morgan" brand name in the world — Captain Morgan rum — derives directly from Captain Henry Morgan, one of the most dangerous 17th century Caribbean pirates and the inspiration for numerous books and movies.

In Europe there are several Zany pirate news stories-

A dozen centuries-old shipwrecks -- some of them unusually well-preserved -- have been found in the Baltic Sea by a gas company building an underwater pipeline between Russia and Germany.

The oldest wreck probably dates back to medieval times and could be up to 800 years old, while the others are likely from the 17th to 19th centuries, Peter Norman of Sweden's National Heritage Board said Tuesday.

Not to mention, PIRATE SKULL was stolen from a German Museum

It was not immediately clear how and when the cranium vanished but staff at the Hamburg History Museum reported it missing on January 9.

The skull impaled on a large rusty nail was discovered in 1878 during construction for a warehouse district in an area where pirates had earlier been beheaded and their heads displayed on spikes as a grisly warning.

The museum had long displayed the cranium, which was already missing a jawbone, as belonging to Stoertebeker, who is believed to have been executed in 1401 with 30 henchmen outside the walls of the Hanseatic League city.

Finally, if you're anywhere near Virginia Beach, check out 'Real Pirates' exhibit at Nauticus marine science museum in Norfolk.

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